Shuffle is OnHold Media's client web application. The company provides software to manage on-hold music and voice messages for businesses. My task was to redesign the UX and UI of their customer portal to make the application more user friendly.

Client: OnHold Media
Date: April 2016
Services: UX Design, UI Design

Original Design

The problems that have arisen from the original web app design can be immediately seen, the UI design is clunky, the lack of distinction between sections has caused information overload, and the page is not design to handle a lot of data, resulting in a ridiculously long page. The first time I viewed the page, I had to spend an elongated time just attempting to decipher all the information that was being thrown in my face.

My goal became apparent early on; the page needed to be simpler. Underneath the terrible user interface and poor design choices was the framework of a decent user experience. My job was to take that framework and transform it into a design that could be more easily read and navigated.


My first course of action was to move all the information into a clearly-defined card-based design system. This would remove the information overload of the previous design. Keeping all of the information inside of cards also prevents the webpage from become too long. Even with an excess of information, the webpage remains a single height.

A side-navigation bar was then added to allow the user to more easily navigated between pages of the application as well as providing the user with more and easier accessible actions.


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